What is DirectAdmin web hosting panel?

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What is DirectAdmin web hosting panel?
As more change to DirectAdmin, DirectAdmin will have more assets for advancement, and it will end up being the new Premium. Obviously, the truth will surface eventually. cPanel is a strong choice and less problem for most clients UI insightful, yet on the off chance that cPanel add any more cost increments, a lot more clients will be compelled to change to an alternate control panel.The sheer measure of hosts simply unloading their entire foundation to go with another item is very enlightening.
DirectAdmin Web Hosting
  monstrated arrangement/foundation since you are selling at the lowest possible quality costs with practically zero overall revenue is the destruction of the common facilitating market. DirectAdmin is a paid online graphical web hosting control panel and management system for virtual hosts. Through this management system, you can easily manage your server, set EMAIL, set DNS, open FTP, online file management, database management, etc. It offers 3 access levels: Admin, Reseller, and User. This gives convenience to efficiently manage Server resources by administrators and hosting resellers for their customers who want to buy the hosting services on Shared or VPS servers to host their websites. DirectAdmin is a straightforward alternative to the popular WHM Cpanel; however in terms of features it is not as wide as WHM. See – 6 Best Free Cloud hosting Control Panels for Linux Servers in 2021 Contents [show] Few DirectAdmin Features Email management: Users can create POP3 accounts, control mailboxes, mail forwarding, mailing lists, automatic replies, and web post offices. Filters allow users to block emails by domain name, keyword, and size. With adult mail filter. FTP management: Users can create FTP accounts and set folder access permissions for each account, and anonymous login is supported. DNS management: Users can add and delete DNS records, change mail server address settings, and any other DNS-related controls. Statistics function: Users have detailed statistics related to their accounts. At the same time, DA also supports more advanced settings and Webalizer. FrontPage extension: Users can turn on and off the Microsoft FrontPage extension at any time. Second-level domain name management: Users can list, create, delete, and get statistics related to second-level domain names. MySQL database: Users can easily create, modify, and delete MySQL databases. Password-protected directory: The user can protect any directory with a username and password. Error page settings: Users can create custom error pages for 401, 403, 404, and 500 error codes. Website backup: Using this powerful tool, users can back up or restore what they need. For example, account data, not site files.  

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